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About Horny Alpha Boy

Hello all, my name is Sergio, I'm 27 years old, 180cm tall and weigh 100kg. I'm from Romania and I practice bodybuilding for 11 years now.

Since I was a child I loved sports. I started with karate which I did for 7 years, competing in 2 national contests, winning them both.

Later I became fascinated by Arnold Schwarzenegger-- my idol, when I saw him in his first movies. I loved his physique, and that's why I decided to follow his path- bodybuilding!

So this is how my journey begun.

My first days in gym were hard, and many times I was tempted to give up, but my motivation, my goal kept me going. I had visualised my future body in my mind and I worked hard for it.

After i started bodybuilding, i entered a national contest and I got 2nd place in my first show. It motivated me, so I started to put onmore mass. I've learned to improve myself, to look good all over, shredded and lean. I've started to read about this sport and to know more about it, about my body, food, and training.

That's why I followed personal trainer classes at Romanian Bodybuilding Federation, and I got my degree. Now i was a Personal Trainer, working in many gyms, sharing my knowledge with many people who want to be better, to look better and healthier.

Bodybuilding has helped me to be very muscular and achieve a look a lot of guys adore and yearn for.

I love to pose and show off my body, which I've developed with hard work during exhausted years in gym.

I love to see people's reaction to it and especially when they admire it.

Posing on stage is a great thing, but doing a pose right in front of a camera, or for another person is something I like a lot, too.

Thats why I invite you to join me... to share your dream, your fantasy, your hidden thoughts, and will make it happen for you.

So if you're looking for a top dominant guy, a sexy stripper, hot leather master, sensual lover, but also a strong jock, a wrestler - then I'm your guy.

Just contact me and lets share some love!