Alpha POWER Tight Bearhug


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This jealous lil twink is rude with his powerful roommate. Trying with his words to take away his roommate hard work and dedication at the gym. Telling his not strong at all, full of steroids and no real power or muscles, just a show off guy. After many warnings his roommate has to prove in a very hard, rough way his true superior power in a 1 to 1 bear hug test. He's taking up lil twink like it's a pillow and walks with him in a bearhug. As expected lil twink cant resist so much and he passes out in to ALPHA's strong hands. But torture doesn't end here. Even after passing out, his body is squished against rock hard muscles, then on the ground with over 100 kg on top of him also in bearhug... this lil twink is going to show off respect from now on.

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Duration 10:14
File Size 850 MB
Format MP4
Resolution 1920 X 1080