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Unbelievable Pecs- Flex at Gym

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Your stud is ready to hit the gym to train those sexy pecs. He knows that everyone will notice those pumped round mountain pecs, but he doesn't care, he's flexing with shirt off in the gym, right after his workout. The results are...


Pecs | Workout


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YES!! Allowed to be taken on tour of every contour of every inch of pecs at home and THEN in gym immediately after pumping those big, thick dense pecs HUGE - no choice but to GROW after this workout - SWOLE with pump - as taken on tour again - you're treated to what real pump from intense focused workout can do. He CLEARLY enjoys look/feel of the pump - AND showing it off repeatedly for YOU and himself. Strongly recommend this memorable tour of every detail, every striation, every vein, SWOLLEN - almost as if growing from pump before both your eyes! You'll not be disappointed!!

growinmusc [7421] on 13 Dec 2021

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Price SALE $24.99 $19.99
Duration 10:35
File Size 781 MB
Format MP4
Resolution 1920x1080
Nudity No
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